2016 Member Highlight - Parksite


... After a two year absence as a member of NIHBA I am back,  joining my associate and fellow NIHBA member Matt Denniger.  Matt and I are both Senior Certified DuPont Tyvek Specialists.  We have received a three year Building Science education from DuPont,  making us more helpful in the field as we understand houses are essentially living, breathing, moving things.  By understanding that, and some basic laws of physics, we are well prepared to assist our fellow members in building a high quality energy efficient home.   We are at your service from the drawing board through construction at no charge.
Lastly, as a new Board Member, I am excited to help strengthen and grow our association.  I am following the footsteps of Craig Wheatley, who has moved up the Parksite ladder to manage Market Development across all of Parksite’s territory.   I have learned many things from Craig, and have quickly found our current membership can teach me quite a few things.  I value our association as a whole for what it has to offer, and our members for what I will learn from them.  I hope to have a positive, lasting effect with NIHBA.