EO Message Fourth Quarter

What are the keys to happiness and success?  First, do what you love and love what you do! Second, surround yourself with people who lift you up and avoid those who bring you down!  Finally, and most important – service to others!  Nothing makes us happier than when we are giving of ourselves and bringing happiness to others. This has been an outstanding year for NIHBA.  It has been a year of growth with positive, energetic new members joining our committees and the support of members who clearly love what they do and spread their enthusiasm and joy to all!  Our Leadership, in the persons of our President and Executive Committee, exemplify those qualities as do our Foundation Sponsors and Committee Chairs and we thank them profusely as we end this year of success in Events, Membership, Education, and Marketing accomplishments!  We also want to thank our dear Marie George who also exemplifies joy and growth in her work!  NIHBA sadly says goodbye to Marie as she starts an exciting new chapter in her life as a Mom!  We welcome our new NIHBA staff member, Michelle Canonne, who begins her role as Administrative Assistant and we know will bring great energy and enthusiasm to our office and members!  We highly encourage all members to join us in 2016 as a committee member or attendee at one of our outstanding seminars and events!  Participate in service to your Association and Community! We wish you many blessings and a joyful holiday season.