EO Message Third Quarter

NIHBA is thriving because of the dedication of our committee members!  The heart of any Association lies in the commitment of its members to participate in its growth and development. We have experienced an outstanding year of sold out Events and that is due to our Programs, Membership and PR/Marketing committees united efforts to drive attendance, welcome members, and bring awareness to the top notch programs we offer every month!

Our website is fresh, informative, and user friendly due to the hard work of our Marketing committee.  We have been on top of critical changes in State legislation due to the diligence of our Government Affairs committee and, consequently, we have had a major impact on stopping legislation that is not supportive of our Industry. 

Our Membership Committee is responsible for rejuvenating our vital New Member Orientation, creating our Mentoring program, Spike initiative and developing our new NIHBA Welcome Committee created to embrace old and new members alike who may be joining us for the first time at our monthly General Membership Meetings.  Our Education Committee makes sure that we offer important, educational seminars and our innovative and highly attended Spring Mega Conference has been praised as one of the best Industry informational offerings in the area!  Our new Young Building Professionals Committee is bringing together those new to our industry who are eager to learn and develop their business skills and educate themselves about the housing industry.

NIHBA Committees are the foundation of our success and one of the reasons we are the largest HBA in Illinois!   We look forward to expanding and developing our fantastic committees even more in 2016 and would love to see more NIHBA members join us, share their vision, and participate in planning our future.


What are the keys to happiness and success?  First, do what you love and love what you do! Second, surround yourself with people who lift you up and avoid those who bring you down!  Finally, and most important – service to others!  Nothing makes us happier than when we are giving of ourselves and bringing happiness to others.  All of these keys can be found by joining an NIHBA committee – pick the committee you love; join a network of colleagues in your industry; and participate in service to your Association and your Community!