Esser Hayes Insurance Group Member Highlight

Esser Hayes Insurance Group

Founded in 1941 and based in Naperville, IL, the Esser Hayes Insurance Group, a leader in both commercial property/casualty and employee benefits understands the importance of protection and provides comprehensive, competitive insurance programs.  We are pleased to offer a robust insurance program to NIHBA members, which includes the use of select broad policy language, preferred underwriting and exclusive coverage enhancements. 

In addition to offering several value-added services, the one that is most popular and available to all NIHBA members, is our offer to review subcontractor agreements as well as other contracts and offer recommendations.     We also offer extensive Workers’ Compensation consulting, from assistance with cost containment programs to experience modification analysis and are proud to offer Medcor, a telephonic triage, pre-claim activity that is changing the way Workers’ Compensation is handled. 

 Esser Hayes can also assist with your HR needs and help you simplify and manage your OSHA electronic reporting by providing access to your own client portal.  Finally, one of our objectives for the HBAI Affinity Program is to provide valuable Risk Management Consulting that runs the gamut from Safety Solutions and Loss Control to OSHA Compliance and Disaster Recovery. We are an unmatched source for smart, customized and comprehensive Risk Management solutions. Please contact Lynn Bergan at 630-355-2077 or at to learn more.