Government Affairs Updates

HBAI Legislative Bullets/ June 22, 2015


2015 Energy Conservation Code

Agreed Language has been approved by CDB, next stop, JCAR for final approval-features HERS rating system as 3rd approved rating system; and, 2 options for insulationg basements. 2015 Code superior overall to 2012 code.


Vehicle Seizure Home Repair Fraud (SB1322)

Sponsor held the bill from consideration at our request.


Bonding over Lien Rights (HB2635)

Neutral as amended; the following are points added at our request; A-rated bonds or higher; bond insures for 175% of project; Lien claimant refunded attorney's fees upon receipt of 75% or more of claim; property owner refunded attorney's fees if claimant receives 25% or less of claim; dollar reduction in surety bond if owner pays claimants in first five months. On Governor's desk, would make Illinois 50th state to have this type of insurance.

Neutral as Ammended

Employee Classification (SB993)

Changes deadline for reporting independent contractors to DOL from January 31 to April 30th of each year. Passed both Houses.


Mandatory Green Building Standards (HB3541)

Held from consideration in House Labor Committee


Practice Act for Interior Design work (SB1270)

Bill received a "testimony only" hearing in Senate Committee on Licensed Activities.


Tap-On Fees for Water/Sewer Connections (SB1815)

Bill to limit development fess for townships and municipalities received a "testimony only" hearing.


Tap-On Fee Cost Study Requirement (HB372)

Requires a cost study before local government can raise tap on fees.

Position Needed

Foreclosure Property Pilot Program (SB1487)

Non-recorded liens must get judicial approval for claim on Cook County foreclosed properties.

Neutral as Ammended