President's Message 2nd Quarter 2016

"Please Take Notice of All of the Good Things Your 3 HBA's are Doing For You"
It's easy to get dragged down by all of the negativity in our industry, especially in the State of Illinois, but there is a tremendous amount of positive work going on from all three Home Builders Associations you belong to. For those who may not be aware - when you joined NIHBA, you also became a member of the state association (HBAI- Home Builders Association of Illinois) and the national association (NAHB- National Association of Home Builders). I'm told that 60% of the 137,000 NAHB members do not even know they belong to it! 
We know that NIHBA and Bill Ward at HBAI are devoted to assisting our members but please be assured that NAHB is working hard for you as well. NAHB has a staff of 11 full time lobbyists based in Washington proactively serving our industry's interests. Further, they provide Affinity Programs that can save their members money and they offer free legal assistance on many issues.  Take advantage of all that your NIHBA membership offers - and if you don't know ask!  We're here to help you!  
NIHBA President Pete Stefani - King's Court Builders