Associate Membership

An Associate Member  is any person or company, that provides  products or services to the building/home industry or homebuyers market.

Associates Members are a vital and dynamic part of the Northern Illinois Home Builders Association (NIHBA). Associates make up over half of the NIHBA Board of Directors -- in addition, many Associates serve on committees and as Chairpersons.  

Our industry represents far more than just homebuilders and remodelers; it encompasses: lumber companies, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, electricians, suppliers and a whole host of other professions that provide products and services to builders, remodelers, developers; and homebuyers.  

Associate Members are an indispensable part of the housing/building industry, and are an integral part of the NIHBA. Without the active involvement and participation of all the various trades and industry professionals, our builders could not begin to meet the needs of the home buying public.  The NIHBA would not be able to adequately represent the housing industry without the many professional associate members that contribute to our builders' success. By combining the strength of Builder and Associate Members, we can provide a strong, united voice for the building industry in Northern Illinois.

If you work or rely on, the building industry or the homebuyers market for your business, then you need to join the NIHBA and start...Building Your Busines by Association

The information below provides an overview of NIHBA services to Associates, other benefits included automatically from State (NAHB) and National membership (NAHB) programs and much more...


"Members Doing Business with Members"

This phrase is a registered service mark of the National Association of Home Builders. It captures the essence of every homebuilder association's commitment to promoting builder support of those companies that support their Association. The builders of NIHBA realize that Associate Members add immeasurable strength to their Association.


Networking Opportunities:

At monthly General Membership Meetings, the annual Golf Outing and a host of other business and social occasions, Associate Members have the opportunity to meet and talk with Builder Members. Membership on any NIHBA committee will give an Associate Member the opportunity to broaden his/her contacts with Builder Members.


Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities:

The NIHBA produces an annual membership directory, which includes a full listing of  the builder/remodelers and associate members. This directory gives Associate Members a opportunity to advertise and promote their products and services that will be used by your target market and give your ad year long exposure.

We also offer advertising on our website: currently we have a 4 position ad strip that is available on a quarterly basis. These positions are available on a first come first serve basis.



As a non-profit organization, we host many special events and often rely on sponsorships to make these events possible. Sponsoring an NIHBA event is a great way to show other Associates and Builders that you support NIHBA initiatives.

Your contributions, participation and sponsorships will be recognized: at General Networking Events, through Signage and Printed Materials at events, will be noted on our website, on our facebook page and more.

Also, your participation and volunteer efforts to foster the NIHBA, may even qualify you for one of the local and national awards for "Associate of the Year".


Three-in-One Membership:

As an Associate member of the NIHBA you automatically become a part of both the national (NAHB) and state (HBAI) associations. You can now enjoy the many significant money saving discount programs for you, your employees and family members that are offered by the state:  and national: associations

In addition, you now have access to critical housing infomration and statistics from national and  state through publications, e-newsletters,  exclusive website content, webinars, bulletins, special reports, market indicators and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a member of NIHBA, apply on-line today or print and complete the Associate application, and mail it, with a check for membership dues, to NIHBA. The indicated dues include membership to Northern Illinois Home Builders Association, Home Builders Association of Illinois and the National Association of Home Builders.