Builder Membership

Builder / Remodelers Members are those companies engaged in the development of real estate, construction of improvements to real estate or the re-construction, re-development or remodeling of real estate/real estate improvements.

Our builder/remodelers appreciate the many benefits that they can access including: the money they save on the insurance premiums for workers compensation, national and state discount programs, plus and the arbitration program, which can save a builder/remodelers thousands in legal fees -- which can far exceed the annual membership dues.


Monthly General Membership Meetings

        Builders have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other builders and/or discuss common problems while enjoying a fine meal or simply cocktails and appetizers.

  • Hear nationally recognized speakers on a variety of economic and home building topics.

  • Some meetings are purely social, featuring speakers such as Brian Urlacher and Tom Waddle of the Chicago Bears, and other major sports celebrities, as well as political commentators, motivational speakers and political figures.

Educational Offerings

  • Each year the Education Committee plans a series of Professional Builders Seminars that focus on ways to build homes more profitably.

  • Seminars this year have included Advanced Selling Techniques for Builders and Tips for the First Time Developer.

  • Roundtables on a variety of topics are also an option to learn from other building professionals. 


  • Arbitration is one of the most popular programs available to Builder Members of NIHBA allowing builders and home buyers to settle disputes without the lengthy and expensive process of litigation.

  • Arbitration through NIHBA can be done with our without attorneys, depending on the case.

  • A group of non-biased professionals inspect the home, hear the arguments, and help settle the dispute in a timely and fair manner.

  • The Rules of Arbitration and the conduct of the arbitration process is in compliance with all requirements of the Illinois Uniform Arbitration Act.

  • Please contact Donna Renzi 630-978-9000 at the NIHBA office
    for full details on arbitrations.

Health and Business Insurance at Special Discounts

  • Builder Members of NIHBA may obtain health insurance coverage for their staff and family at discounted rates. Many members have reduced their annual health insurance premiums by far more than the annual membership dues.

  • Business insurance coverage (workman's compensation, liability, etc.) is also available to NIHBA members at extremely favorable rates. Members have saved as much as $16,000 per year over what they were paying for company insurance.

  • Since these insurance programs were initiated, builder membership has increased dramatically as non-member builders discovered how much they could save on insurance as members of NIHBA.

Government Affairs

  • NIHBA is Government Affairs Committee monitors local governments for proposed legislation and pushes the reshaping of proposed ordinances for fair legislation while encouraging a healthy legal climate for builders.

  • NIHBA staff and members work with local building officials to ensure municipal building codes do not unnecessarily burden builders and new home buyers with code requirements that increase the cost of new homes without adding significantly to the value or structural integrity of the home.

  • NIHBA has led the fight against escalating impact fees charged to new development because we believe new development should not bear the full cost of new capitol improvements in an existing municipality; this cost should be shared.

Membership in NIHBA and the State (HBAI) & National Home Builder Associations (NAHB)

  • HBAI and NAHB employ lobbyists to monitor for legislation that would prove harmful to the housing industry and fight legislation that would end or limit the mortgage interest deduction on a familyís home, or increase the cost of home construction without providing additional value to the home or tangible benefit to the home buyer.

  • In Springfield each year, the Illinois General Assembly has a wide variety of legislation that affects new home buyers and the housing industry. Proposed legislation that promotes home ownership, housing afford ability and improved construction standards are always supported.

  • Builders and developers are willing to pay their fair share of infrastructure improvements due to new development, but are opposed to driving up the cost of new homes with impact fees to fund improvements that should be partially funded by the community at large and not be absorbed only by the builder or home buyer.

  • Affiliation with HBAI and NAHB opens the door to a wealth of resources and information. Link to their sites from our home page to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming a member of NIHBA, apply on-line today or print and complete the Membership Application, and/ or the and mail it, with a check for membership dues, to NIHBA. The indicated dues include membership to Northern Illinois Home Builders Association, Home Builders Association of Illinois and the National Association of Home Builders.

We look forward to welcoming you to the association and helping you
start... Building Your Business by Association.