Arbitration Program

The Northern Illinois Home Builders Association ARBITRATION PROGRAM provides a service in arbitrating disputes between contractors and home buyers/owners.

It is intended to provide an alternative to legal action and help resolve disputes in less time and lower cost to both parties.  It is in compliance with and falls under the State of Illinois Uniform Arbitration Act and is recognized by the State of Illinois court system.

Why You Should Use NIHBA Arbitration         

  • Builder-Buyer disputes can be resolved quickly, fairly and inexpensively.
  • Experienced Builders serve as arbitrators.
  • All arbitration rulings are confidential and are not made public.
  • Arbitration saves you thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs.
  • The NIHBA Arbitration Program has been upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court.                                                        

Click here to download the NIHBA arbitration rules