Spike Club

Before becoming a Spike, you are a Spike candidate. That means you have earned between one and five Spike credits. Once you earn your sixth Spike credit, you become an official NAHB Spike!* Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining NAHB and Council members.
To retain your status as a Spike you must earn a minimum of one Spike credit (new or retention) each year until you reach a total of 25 credits, at which point you are elevated to Life Spike status.
*Providing you have earned those six credits within two consecutive membership years.


How do I earn Spike credits?

Members earn one Spike credit for each new member they sponsor. When that member renews after his or her first year of membership the sponsoring member automatically gets one retention credit. Every year the member renews thereafter, the sponsoring member will receive a ½ renewal credit.
For Affiliate members, Spikes receive a ½ credit for recruitment and a ½ credit for their renewal.
Note: Double Spike credits are awarded during the month of National Membership Day. Double credits are also available through a special promotion authorized by the 2006 NAHB Membership Committee.


Will I earn Spike credits for recruiting and retaining members into a Council?

Yes, when a new Council membership is activated the recruiter earns a ½ credit, and when that member renews his or her council membership, the sponsor earns ¼ retention credit. Read information about how to report Council Spike credits.


How can I get a ticket to the Spike party?

You must be a Spike in good standing as of October 31 (having at least 6 credits) and you must have earned at least one new member credit.  The new member credit can be 1 full credit earned when a new Builder or Associate member is recruited, or two ½ credits when an Affiliate or Council member is recruited. Read more information about the Spike Party.


Spike Achievement Levels

Spike Candidate - 1 to 5 credits
Blue Spike - 6 to 24 credits
Life Spike - 25 to 49 credits
Green Spike - 50 to 99 credits
Red Spike - 100 to 149 credits
Royal Spike - 150 to 249 credits
Super Spike - 250 to 499 credits
Statesman Spike - 500 to 999 credits
Grand Spike - 1000 to 1499
All-Time Big Spike - 1500+


How Credits Are Earned

  • Individuals earn one new member credit for each new member sponsored.
  • One retention credit is automatically assigned to the sponsor of record for first-year renewals, if the renewal occurs on or before the anniversary date. Every year after one-half a credit is earned, if the renewal form lists the sponsoring member.
  • One-half credit is earned for the recruitment and retention of affiliate members.
  • One-half credit is earned for the recruitment of a new council member.
  • One-quarter credit is earned for a council membership renewal.