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Please Take Notice of All of the Good Things Your 3 HBA's are Doing For You


It's easy to get dragged down by all of the negativity in our industry, especially in the State of Illinois, but there is a tremendous amount of positive work going on from all three Home Builders Associations you belong to. For those who may not be aware - when you joined NIHBA, you also became a member of the state association (HBAI- Home Builders Association of Illinois) and the national association (NAHB- National Association of Home Builders). I'm told that 60% of the 137,000 NAHB members do not even know they belong to it! 


We know that NIHBA and Bill Ward at HBAI are devoted to assisting our members but please be assured that NAHB is working hard for you as well. NAHB has a staff of 11 full time lobbyists based in Washington proactively serving our industry's interests. Further, they provide Affinity Programs that can save their members money and they offer free legal assistance on many issues.  Take advantage of all that your NIHBA membership offers - and if you don't know ask!  We're here to help you! 


Our next sit-down dinner is coming up on Thursday, September 8thfrom 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Riverside Receptions in Geneva, IL.   We are delighted to welcome Matt Mayberry, currently the most read columnist for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines!  Matt is also a former NFL player, author, and motivational speaker! 

Our final sit-down dinner of the year features the legendary Walter Payton’s son, Jarrett Payton, Television & Radio host, Entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  That dinner will be held on Friday evening, October 14th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Orchard Valley Golf Course banquet room.  

Reminder - if you have renewed in 2016 don't forget to redeem your complimentary coupon which you received after your renewing month!  We look forward to seeing you at our Fall general membership meetings and dinners.


Quick brief on Nicor Gas 

Nicor Gas is the largest and lowest cost provider of natural gas in Illinois. Nicor Gas provides American, abundant and affordable natural gas to 2.1 million customers in 656 territories that encompass most of the northern third of Illinois, excluding the city of Chicago. 

As part of the Southern Company Gas family, Nicor Gas’ number one priority is delivering natural gas safely and reliably to customers. 


About Heather Runge, Consultant, Builder Developer, Nicor Gas 

Heather Runge has been with Nicor Gas for more than 20 years. In her current role as Consultant, Builder Developer, Heather serves as the liaison between Nicor Gas and the builder community, helping to ensure a high level of satisfaction and one singular point of contact for builder needs. Heather is also responsible for a team of clerical staff who prepares new service requests for field installation. 

Heather Runge has been a member of the Northern Illinois Home Builders Association for many years, including five years on the board of directors and one year on the executive board of directors. In addition, Heather serves on the program committee and is thankful for the many business contacts and long-time friends she has made through the NIHBA.



What a wonderful time to be a member of NIHBA!  You have so many opportunities to connect with Builders and Associate members this year!  We are very proud and excited to announce that our Cavalcade of Homes Road Show Committee is planning our 2017 COH Road Show!  This is our first Scattered Site Show in over a decade and we will be showing our communities more than 15 Builders and Remodelers’ outstanding work with over 20 beautiful homes and projects! 


Our Committees would love to welcome new members so you can help direct our vision and activities. We will be opening up committees to assist with our Cavalcade of Homes Road Show soon!   We are celebrating 60 years strong this year!  You are invited to enjoy a memorable time at our Anniversary Celebration in December and you will be first to see our NIHBA film and greet some of our significant Past Presidents who helped shape our history and build our current course!   Save the date for this celebration and inauguration on Thursday, December 8th at Arrowhead Country Club in Wheaton!

Our educational Lunch n Learn seminars continue to present vital information to our members and we look forward to bringing our Builders and Remodelers another “Meet the Utilities” session with ComEd, Nicor and Comcast this Fall!   Our sit-down dinners bring top notch national speakers, authors, and television personalities to inspire and inform you!  There are so many reasons to be part of NIHBA – get involved and see for yourself!   


Our PR/Marketing committee concluded their blind judging for our photo contest for the 2017 Directory.  We received dozens of submissions and we thank all who submitted their wonderful photos.  Congratulations to our winners: Adam Van Someren with Charleston Building & Development; Maria Hildebrand with Designing Interiors for a home by McKeown Classic Homes; and Dan Jurjovec with Lakewest Custom Homes!   Winning photos will be highlighted on our 2017 Membership Directory cover!

Members are now able to place Ad orders for the 2017 Directory.  Ad forms and contracts have been sent out via email.  Make sure you reserve your Ad space soon! 

NIHBA is happy to welcome Matt Reed with Parksite/Tyvek as our new Education Committee Chairman.  We want to thank Taylor Schwarzkopf with Energy Diagnostics for her service this year.  Taylor has to step away from the committee due to a significantly increased work load – which is our loss but great news for Energy Diagnostics!

Our 1st Fall Lunch n Learn seminar on Website and Email Security was a great success!  We want to thank our hosts Jason Richmond with Anttix and Holly Walsh and Guner Brisbin with Marcor Technologies for their fascinating and somewhat frightening presentations!  

The Education Committee looks forward to bringing our members the next Meet the Utilities conference with ComEd, Nicor, and Comcast – coming in November! 
Government Affairs(Rich Guerard) 

The Illinois Supreme Court Holds the Implied Warranty of Habitability May Be Waived as to Subsequent Purchasers


last year an Appellate Court in the case of Fattah v. Bim, 2015 IL App (1st) 140171 held that the court created implied warranty of habitability from a builder extends to all subsequent buyers of homes, even if the original owner/purchaser waived the implied warranty of habitability. READ MORE.

Illinois Mechanics Lien, “Substitution of bond for lien”


Illinois has enacted Public Act 99-0178 entitled “Substitution of bond for lien”, which amended the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act by allow in Illinois an interested party to petition for an order allowing a surety bond in place of any mechanic’s lien rights in the property (770 ILCS 60/38.1), effective January 1, 2016. READ MORE.


YBP will be reforming as its own group under the mentorship of our President, Pete Stefani.  Holly Walsh will be the NIHBA staff liaison.  Stay tuned for new meeting time and dates.



"I am writing to let you know how much the NIHBA has meant to our company. We have been involved for around 3 years now. The first year we became members we really were not that active. We have never been members of an association so we truly did not know what to expect.

We decided to attend one of the many events the NIHBA holds and we quickly found out what a great association it is. Not only are the events fun and educational but they are very inviting. As most of us know, attending an event where you do not really know anyone it can be hard as it isn't that easy to strike up a conversation. Well, not here. Since the NIHBA is for professionals in the building industry they all have something in common, and that is our careers. Once we figured that out we felt very comfortable and that is when it happened. We started attending almost every event and the following year we were asked to be on a committee and we accepted. From then on we have had the opportunity to not only grow our business but we feel like our company is part of a group that is all working together to make our businesses more successful by helping each other out whenever we can."

-Kris Gutrich, Remote Audio-Video-



Don't Forget to take advantage of your NAHB Member Discounts []


Member Rebate Program


Your NEW Member Rebate Program State HBA Website! is a branded, one stop shop for all members


Builder & Remodeler Members:

Builder and Remodeler members can visit the new website to learn about this free member benefit. They still have:

  • Quick and easy registration 
  • Quarterly claiming process to earn back valuable rebate money and the opportunity to negate their membership dues.


Associate Members:

  • Introducing the new Member Rebate Program Associate Member Directory
  • Associate Members can register for this free member benefit that will direct your Builder & Remodeler members to who supplies or installs any of the 50+ Manufacturer brands participating in the Member Rebate Program 
  • All Associate Member Directory listings are hyperlinked to their business website. 



The NIHBA Foundation Sponsors are a vital key to our success. They allow us to offer top notch speakers and Events in 2016! We extend our deep gratitude to them for their support and dedication to NIHBA!


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