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Housing has never been more important to families than in recent times and once again the home building industry has proven to be a benchmark of the American economy.  

Working and attending school remotely on some level is likely to be around for some time to come. 

Does this have you rethinking: 

Your current home space? 

About new home possibilities?              

Moving to a new community? 

Just freshening up space at home? Look to our large variety of members for ideas on all your remodeling needs, including kitchen, cabinet, flooring, windows, decks, and more. 

Whether you plan to remodel the space you already own or develop plans for your new dream home, be sure to check out our NIHBA members.  

NIHBA is one of the largest Home Builder Associations in Illinois, representing the highest quality Custom Home Builders, Remodelers, subcontractors, and associated businesses in the home building industry!  Make sure that your Builder is an NIHBA member!  

NIHBA Mission

Our mission is to serve you!  The Northern Illinois Home Builders Association members are the highest quality professional builders, remodelers, contractors, and suppliers who are dedicated to the promotion, growth and protection of the home building industry.  

NIHBA has a wide range of exciting opportunities to promote and grow your business, including government advocacy and outstanding networking events where members meet and discuss their experiences in the home building industry.

A diverse menu of opportunities including our Arbitration program, excellent education seminars and top notch monthly meetings and social events is offered. 

We have welcomed such reputable speakers as the insightful and humorous George McCaskey, Chairman of the Chicago Bears,  Ted Talk Favorite and Leadership Expert, Betsy Allen Manning,  Personality Profiler Wayne Hoover,  best-selling author of  The Not So Big House series, Sarah SusankaState Legislators such as Senator John Curran and Senator Laura Ellmanone of Fortune Magazine's top read columnist, Matt Mayberry, Author of Winning Plays, and many more business leaders who share their expertise and advice with our members.  

Join NIHBA today to make valuable connections, foster life-long business relationships, become a part of this dynamic association and start...Building Your Business By Association!